Welcome to The Undercling

The Undercling is a site all about how to rock climb. Our mission is simple — share the world of rock climbing with all. We’re here to grow the sport. To teach new climbers. Push folks to climb harder. Help longtime climbers discover new destinations. And inspire millions of high-five, hell-yeahs, and smiles along the way. 

The Undercling is run by a group of passionate climbers excited to share our experience with you. The content on here is well researched, but we always suggest erring on the side of caution when taking these skills outdoors. Climbing can be dangerous, so make sure you stay within the limits of what you feel comfortable doing. 

What is an undercling?

An undercling is a particular kind of feature on the rock that you grab with your hands. According to Wikipedia, it’s “a hold which is gripped with the palm of the hand facing upwards.”

This is an undercling:

Here’s an example — not the best undercling picture, but it’ll do.