About The Undercling

What is an undercling?

An undercling is a particular kind of feature on the rock that you grab with your hands. According to Wikipedia, it’s “a hold which is gripped with the palm of the hand facing upwards.”

This is an undercling:

“Undercling!” This is my friend Christian. Not the best undercling picture, but it’ll do.

What is The Undercling?

The Undercling is a site all about how to rock climb. The ultimate goal is for it to essentially be a one-stop-shop on how to do everything you need to do in climbing. It’s also a place where you can find recent and interesting climbing news, articles, and commentary. I’ll add content to the site a little bit at a time and maybe eventually, in a thousands years or so, this site will be the go-to resource for people wanting to learn how to rock climb.

The Undercling is run by me, Tristan (you can contact me there if you want to). I’ve been climbing for 18+ years and have done a couple hundred first ascents, most notably Squawstruck, the second-longest sport climb in the country (I think). The Undercling is roughly the millionth climbing blog I’ve started, and I hope it will be the last. I’m the author of the ebook 101 Rock Climbing Tips and Tricks.