• Climbing Shoe Size Calculator: Find the Right Fit

    When you set off to buy your first pair of climbing shoes, one of the first things you’ll notice is the sizing is different. Most climbing shoes are made in Europe and therefor use European sizing. This can be a little confusing, which is why we created this Climbing Shoe Size Calculator for you. Check…

  • Resole Climbing Shoes: How To Guide & Best Resolers for 2023

    Everyone has a favorite pair of climbing shoes that just seem to fit like magic. But when the rubber starts to wear and the liner starts to show, we’re struck with dread at the thought of dropping another $200 and having to break in a fresh pair of kicks. But fear not, there is an…

  • Stick Clip Bible: Best Models 2023 & How to Use

    Lead climbing is a thrill. Being above a bolt, pushing for the next hold, knowing if pop off a short free fall awaits. It’s a huge part of the draw to sport climbing. But that thrill becomes fear when a high first bolt or challenging first move means failure equals a ground fall. That’s where…

  • How Are Climbing Ropes Made?

    Have you ever thought about how a climbing rope is made? Have you ever seen the core of a climbing rope or played with the sheath and wondered what function those different parts serve? The video below—from the TV series How It’s Made—was filmed at the New England Ropes factory. Note: The climbing rope portion goes up through 2:43….