Climbing 101

  • How Should Climbing Shoes Fit (2024): The Right Amount of Tight

    If you’ve been battling stinky shoe syndrome like I have, you already know the importance of keeping your climbing shoes clean. But let’s take a step back (pun intended) and talk about something equally crucial: finding the perfect fit for your climbing shoes. We’re diving into the nitty-gritty of how climbing shoes should fit, so…

  • How to Clean Climbing Shoes: 7 Steps to Fresh Feet (2024)

    For anyone that’s been climbing for a while, you know that one of the worst parts is the smell of the shoes. Mine have got so bad that just handling them to take them off between climbs leaves my hands wreaking of stinky foot. Unfortunately, there’s no way to minimize sweating, especially in hot gyms….

  • How to Belay with a GRIGRI: A Guide to Safer Belays in 2024

    I met a guy at a wedding last summer that mentioned he was a climber. After some idle chit-chat about our favorite crags and such, he casually mentioned that he broke his back climbing gym. Yup, you read that right. I wasn’t quite sure if I should ask for details but he offered them up….

  • 2024 Rock Climbing Technique Bible: By Climbers For Climbers

    Drop that knee, throw a heel hook, dyno for it! Sound familiar? You’ve probably heard a few of these terms tossed around at the gym or the crag, but if you’re new to the sport it might sound like a foreign language. All this lingo refers to climbing technique — and knowing how to execute…

  • Climbing Shoe Size Calculator: Find the Right Fit in 2024

    When you set off to buy your first pair of climbing shoes, one of the first things you’ll notice is the sizing is different. Most climbing shoes are made in Europe and therefor use European sizing. This can be a little confusing, which is why we created this Climbing Shoe Size Calculator for you. This…

  • What is Sport Climbing? Complete Guide for 2024

    Free climbing and free soloing Top roping and leading. Bouldering and speed. Climbing has come a long way since its start, including its debut as an olympic sport. But even with all its new forms, the style of sport climbing has remained widely popular among new and veteran climbers alike. With all the terminology and…