Climbing Shoe Size Calculator: Find the Right Fit in 2024

Last Updated on: 23rd January 2024, 01:36 pm

When you set off to buy your first pair of climbing shoes, one of the first things you’ll notice is the sizing is different. Most climbing shoes are made in Europe and therefor use European sizing. This can be a little confusing, which is why we created this Climbing Shoe Size Calculator for you. This will do your climbing shoe size conversion automatically. Check it out below!

Finding the right climbing shoe can be hard because every brand feels and fits a little different. If you want to read more about how should climbing shoes fit, scroll past the calculator and read about what we have.

climbing shoe size conversion chart
Climbing shoe size conversion chart

Difference between US and European climbing shoe size

 As you can see in the climbing shoe size conversion chart, we do things a bit differently. European half sizes run in smaller increments than US half sizes. That means that compared to US, European climbing shoe sizes are more precise and give you a better fit. On average, there are four extra sizes per run in European sizing. This is especially nice for climbing because the stiff rubber often makes for less flexible shoes.

climbing shoe size conversion

Climbing Shoe Size Calculator

Disclaimer: this is an estimate! The climbing shoe calculator is a good starting point, but like any type of shoe each brand fits a little different.

Shoe Size Converter



How should climbing shoes fit?

Climbing shoes aren’t necessarily comfortable. They are tight, stiff, and bend your foot into positions they don’t naturally go. With that said, you shouldn’t be in extreme discomfort every time your shoe is on. Common things to look our for is pain on the sides of your feet, top of your toes, and back of your heel. If you can’t walk across the gym floor after a couple of sessions without pain, then it might not be a great fit.

Just like any kind of shoe, different brands fit people differently. The width of your foot, where your arch is, how long your toes are, and a number of other factors will determine what shoe size is best for you and which brands fit your feet best. Certain brands like La Sportiva tend to run narrow while Scarpa and Evolv do better with wider feet. Personally, I only wear Scarpa shoes as my feet are pretty fat.

Learn more by reading our guide to how should climbing shoes fit.

Climbing shoe reviews

Picking the right shoes is one of the most important items on a climbing gear list. While shoe design is important, finding something that fits your foot well and provides comfort is key. After all, you won’t climb very well if your feet hurt too much to stay on the rock. Check out our shoe reviews coming soon.

Before you go shopping, consider resoling your climbing shoes. If they have enough life in them, this will save you money, keep a pair of shoes out of the landfill, and keep you from going through the trouble of breaking in a fresh pair.

Climbing shoe size calculator: Wrap-up

Picking the right climbing shoe is a big deal. Climbing starts in your feet, so you want to make sure whatever is protecting them fits well. If you’re unsure of whether our climbing shoe size calculator is giving you the right size, head to a store and try them on yourself! Every foot is a little different, but we hope this helped you get started.

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