Macedonia Bouldering, Ice Speed Climbing, and More [New Climbing Vids]

Last Updated on: 10th November 2016, 02:57 pm

Here are the 10 best climbing videos that were uploaded to Vimeo and YouTube in the last week.

Will Gadd Is One of the World’s Best Ice Climbers…Guess How Old He Is | Sub-Zero, Ep. 4 [3:36] – Will Gadd has been at the forefront of ice climbing for three decades. In this video, he talks about why he loves the sport and how it’s changed over the years.

Dani Arnold Ice Climbing | Crack Baby [1:26] – Watch climber Dani Arnold solo a massive ice line in Switzerland—and set a new time record while he’s at it.

Smash it In! – DWS by Peter Putz [3:47] – Footage of some stunning deep water soloing on the Mediterranean island of Mallorca.

Into the light – Episode 3 [5:36] and Episode 4 [3:05] – A continuation of the series that started last week. Featuring Stefan Glowacz and Chris Sharma in Oman.

Climbing the Rochefort ridge [1:29] – Some of the best GoPro mountaineering footage I’ve ever seen.

Evolution East – bouldering in macedonia [5:25] – Is climbing in the Balkan nation of Macedonia on your tick list yet? Watch this and it will be.

Patagonia 2014, Climbing, El Tridente [6:33] – Fantastic amateur footage from a series of ascents in Patagonia.

Socorro-wei [4:57] – If you don’t know much about the bouldering in New Mexico, check out this video. Those volcanic tuff boulders look to die for.

Hueco 2014 [18:17] – Not everyone can climb 5.15 or V14. I certainly can’t. That’s why it’s fun every once in a while to come across videos like this, where a group of friends climb moderate yet still beautiful problems.

Shark Attack! Zach Lerner DWS in Thailand [6:11] – This isn’t the highest quality video ever, but it does show off what looks to be some pretty darn fun deep water soloing at a few different locations in Thailand.

Still frame from the Climbing the Rochefort ridge video
Still frame from the Climbing the Rochefort ridge video

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