Snake Dike, K2 Documentary, and More [10 New Climbing Videos]

Last Updated on: 31st March 2023, 10:57 am

Here are the 10 best rock climbing videos that were uploaded to Vimeo and YouTube in the last week.

An Engagement With Snake Dike – Half Dome, Yosemite [19:03] – A first person GoPro video of Snake Dike (5.7), one of Yosemite’s uber-classic moderate climbs.

Into the light – Episode 1 [2:57] and Episode 2 [2:19] – Chris Sharma and Stefan Glowacz head to Oman for a very unique climb. These videos are kind of annoying because they don’t have any actual climbing yet—they just tease it. But I’m linking to them in the hope that future episodes in the series will be worth watching.

Nick Duttle – They Call Me Soup Can (V12) [2:50] – Just a video of a very cool-looking and difficult problem near Austin, Texas.

K2 : Climbing the World’s Toughest Mountain [52:06] – A full documentary about climbing K2, the second-tallest mountain in the world.

Cape Woolamai Rockclimbing [4:38] – This is a great video about establishing a new route on some incredible-looking sea cliff climbing in the Australian state of Victoria.

The Family that Climbs Together Gets Buff Together | The Hörsts – A Climbing Family, Ep. 4 [4:01] – A fun look at a very climbing-centric family.

Mountain Climbing in Eastern Germany | Euromaxx [4:47] – This video shows some of the great climbing on the beautiful sandstone towers not too far from Dresden. It seems to be a segment from some sort of news program.

2014-03-06 Alpen Block 2013 [18:28] – A solid video of bouldering in the beautiful Alps.

Scotland III,1 [3:53] – This video documents a stunning winter climb in Scotland. Amazing scenery.

Above: Still from the Cape Woolamai climbing video.
Above: Still from the Cape Woolamai climbing video.

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