San Antonio Climbing Gym Guide: The Beta for 2024

Last Updated on: 23rd January 2024, 01:37 pm

The San Antonio climbing gym scene has yet to explode — in fact it’s quite small. Personally, I find that surprising. With other metropolitan areas like Dallas and Houston exploding with both private and corporate gyms, you’d think every city would follow suit. But alas, the gym scene hasn’t really caught up with the times. 

There are only two places to rock climb in San Antonio, and both are bouldering gyms. Yup, you read that correct. There is no gym in the area that lets you work your sport climbing. I hope you like powerful moves and short routes. 

The elephant in the room here is that the picking are rather slim. But the good news is that makes your choice a bit easier, and we have all the details you need to weigh your options and pick the right spot for you. 

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Armadillo Boulders climbing gym San Antontio

First up is Armadillo Boulders. Their climbing gym in San Antonio (they have a second location in San Marcos), has over 100 routes with 25 updated every week. That’s good news if you like a lot of variety, but bad news if you like to project problems for a month plus. 

San Antonio climbing gym armadillo boulders moonboard
Armadillo Boulders

If you’re searching for a San Antonio climbing gym so you can train for the outdoors, you’re in luck. Armadillo Boulders comes equipped with a moon board, hang boards, a circuit board, and a campus board. They also offer yoga and fitness classes for cross training. To top it off, the gym has coffee and kombucha on tap, complete with social spaces to enjoy them in after a session. 

Gym Basics

8 am – 10 pm  Monday – Sunday
6 am – 8 am     Tuesday & Friday (Members only)

Types of climbing:

Facility perks:
Climbing specific training area 
Yoga & fitness classes
Social spaces 
Member only hours 

Day pass: $25
Membership monthly: $80

The District rock climbing gym San Antonio

There’s a lot to love about this gym, but let’s start with the basics. The gym has a sizable climbing wall (again all bouldering) with a training area to match. It is also equipped with a relatively large weight room for you to get your cross training in. All this is fairly basic, what you expect from a gym right? 

San Antonio climbing gym District
The District

Well where it really offers something unique is in its pricing and hours of operation. A monthly membership to The District comes in at only $60 a month. That is ridiculously cheap by gym standards. Though you’re not getting sport climbing, it’s still a great value. Especially when you consider its second standout feature — 24/7 access. Members can get in and out of the gym whenever they want meaning even the most extreme early birds and night owls can work out when they want. Pretty cool right? 

Gym Basics

24/7 access

Types of climbing:

Facility perks:
Climbing specific training area 
Workout area 
Gymnastics area

Day pass: $15
Membership monthly: $60

What’s the biggest bouldering gym in Texas?

The largest bouldering gym in Texas is the Austin bouldering project. The gym has 50,000 square feet with 250 rotating routes plus a Yoga studio and workout area. It is owned by a larger company that also locations around the US like a Boston gym and a DC gym as well.

Though San Antonio climbing gyms are all exclusively bouldering, neither comes close to the size of what’s going on in Austin. Maybe in time they will catch up, but for now, the scene remains in its infancy.

Wrap Up: San Antonio Climbing Gyms

While the gym scene here is small, the places they do have cultivate passionate groups of climbers across all ages and experience levels. For those just passing through, it’s cheap and easy to go get on some boulders and give yourself a killer workout. 

For those sticking around longer… well I hope you like to boulder. Chances are in the next couple years rock climbing in San Antonio will grow like it has everywhere else. And if you’re really hurting for a sport climbing gym there, it seems like the perfect place to start one. Hit me up, maybe we can go in on it together. 

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