This Week in Climbing #63 (May 28, 2017)

Here’s all of the best and most interesting rock climbing stuff that happened over the last week. Enjoy, and happy climbing!

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  • The Art Of Solo, Matt Bush [4:11] – The narration of this one is self-important and difficult to listen to, but the footage is pretty cool. Matt Bush free solos an enormous granite dome in South Africa.
  • RockTrip 2017 [8:40] – Some legendary climbers descend on Chile. Alex Honnold free solos basalt splitters, and Alex Megos climbs Chile’s first 5.14d.
  • Northern Soul [8:30] – Amazing ice climbing in northern Quebec.
  • David Fitzgerald on ‘Voyager’ (8B+) [17:40] – “This film follows Irish climber David Fitzgerald, who after taking up the sport only 5 years ago travelled to the Peak District to try the hardest bouldering problems on grit.”

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