Macedonia Bouldering, Ice Speed Climbing, and More [New Climbing Vids]

Here are the 10 best climbing videos that were uploaded to Vimeo and YouTube in the last week. Will Gadd Is One of the World’s Best Ice Climbers…Guess How Old He Is | Sub-Zero, Ep. 4 [3:36] – Will Gadd has been at the forefront of ice climbing for three decades. In this video, he…

Amazing Tropical Island Beach Bouldering in the British Virgin Islands

Is your idea of paradise beautiful granite boulders, world-class beaches, and crystal clear water? Then check out the video (17:36 in length) below. It documents some of the great bouldering and stunning Caribbean scenery of Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands. It definitely looks like a place to add to your rock climbing/bouldering bucket list.